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How do writers overcome their fear

I was browsing through WordPress’s Reader when I stumbled upon a post that made me think. In that post, the writer said he/she had been writing for 30 years, but had yet to take the leap and show her work to … Continue reading

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Book Tag

I got the idea for this Book Tag from Kevin Hurtak’s blog and thought it might be interesting to get to know me a little better. Also it seemed like fun, so here goes. E-Book or Physical Book? Definitely physical. HOWEVER, … Continue reading

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Random thoughts about The Darkening

We are near the end of June and that means there are four more months before my début novel, The Darkening, launches. I’ve been busy creating stuff related to the book and dealing with things that happen behind the scenes … Continue reading

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10 most possible post-apocalyptic scenarios

Since my upcoming début novel release (a post-apocalyptic horror story, The Darkening, if you’re new here – welcome aboard, by the way) is only a few months away, I figured I might give you my personal and small list of … Continue reading

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Learning new things

*Disclaimer: I’m in the mood for gifs today, so you’ll get a few of them with this post* Being self published doesn’t always mean you have to do everything on your own, but sometimes circumstances force you to do so. … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt 56

Commander Arral clapped Bast on the shoulder. “Ready?” “Yeah.” “You nervous, son?” Bast looked back at his revival pod getting ready for him. “You’ll oversee the revival, right?” “I wouldn’t let anyone else go near your pod.” Bast nodded and … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Ground Floor, Second Room To The Left

Ground Floor, Second Room To The Left is a week old. I was so stressed the past few weeks with this release as well as the production of my début novel, that I actually didn’t think I would make it … Continue reading

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