Inspirational prompt 32

Harry pulled his collar to the wind and the damp, and squatted. Even his smoke had a hard time staying lit in this weather. He glanced at the other well-tended graves to the left and right.
“Waste of space. Should ‘ve let you out for the vultures.” He took the smoke out of his mouth and spat on the dirt mound. He stood up, ignored the popping sounds his knees made, dropped the cigarette, and stomped it with his foot.
“Sure took your sweet time dying. I thought you’d never give up.

“You thought right,” a voice behind him muttered.

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3 Responses to Inspirational prompt 32

  1. I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I was thinking of maybe saving this one for Halloween in the US, but then I figured I could always come up with something else. Halloween is on the 31st of this month, right?


  2. Yep! Though people start preparing much earlier than that.


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