Better ways to say

During draft, we are allowed to do anything, write our stories in whatever way we want, how ever they come natural, without paying attention at anything other than putting words down. Which means when it’s time to edit that first draft we will have used several words that are bland, repetitive, and are cliché. We’re supposed to weed those words out and make our work shine. For those of us that such a task doesn’t come easy, and have to spend a long time searching for that one perfect word in a their thesaurus (you all have one, right?), the link and the image I provide may be of some help.

First, this post will help you with some overused adjectives. At least the ones you absolutely need to keep in your MS.

You may also find this image helpful.

(image originally taken from

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2 Responses to Better ways to say

  1. Thanks Chris! I’d be lost without


  2. Ever since I started writing, it’s my most visited site. Thank God for it! 😉


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