Yet another update

I’ve been going over my new WIP’s plot structure. Turns out the story I have in mind may or may not be a mystery after all. To force it towards it may be catastrophic for the story. I mean, there are mystery elements in the story, a constant “who’s doing these things?” and “who’s behind everything,” but certainly not a clear whodunit plot. In the end, it may end up being a thriller rather than mystery. In my mind, I still consider it a mystery though. At least that’s how it plays out in my head at the moment, as I read through my notes. I’m just not sure how agents and editors would categorise such a story. I have a provisional title for it; Through Stranger Eyes. Yeah, I know, not the best title, but I absolutely suck at coming up with titles. Hopefully I will have found a better one by the time it’s finished. Now, I haven’t started drafting anything, just trying to make sure I have patched as many plot holes as possible early on. I’ll need to get to know the characters a little bit better as well before I start drafting scenes. So for the time being I have my plate full with this.

Oh, before I forget, the story I told you about last time, the one 9Tales Told in the Dark will publish, is due on 22 April. If you can afford it, and are willing to support new writers, then you can pre-order the issue here. If you’re interested in any of my other stories, you can find them under the link PUBLISHED WORK at the top of the page. I ‘ll update the page and include the link I gave you shortly.

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4 Responses to Yet another update

  1. For what it’s worth, I like the double meaning in the working title 🙂


  2. I hate coming up with titles to… And I am looking forward to reading your story released April 22. Happy writing!


  3. Thanks Rebecca. I will make an announcement once its out for anyone who wants to read it 🙂

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  4. I was aiming at that when I first came up with the initial plot, but since then the story and the characters have changed. So I’m no longer sure how relevant it will be. If it changes, it’ll probably have something to do with eyes again.


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