On vacation

I’ve decided to take some time off from blogging, at least until the end of August. The Darkening is progressing fine, but I need to spend more time with it and polish it more. I corrected the plot holes I found, rewrote more than three quarters of it because of those holes, adjusted the main character’s voice throughout the novel (or at least I think I did, which by itself forced me to rewrite the entire novel once more – so basically I rewrote the Darkening almost twice), and now I need to look over the small details, mostly continuity issues. Then it’s a matter of beautifying it (or rather be a bit more descriptive here and there). By my estimate, I should have it ready for the betas on schedule, with a bit of luck perhaps a little earlier. However, given that I’ve already shifted my own deadline once (which is something I hate doing), and I still have to work on my cellphone instead of my pc, I think it’s best for me to focus on the novel for the next couple of weeks.

Summer is still with us, so have fun, enjoy yourselves, and I’ll see you all again in September (hopefully with an update on the novel, perhaps an excerpt).

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4 Responses to On vacation

  1. norin o anisixiaris says:

    I wish you have a wonderfull summer. Cheers .


  2. Sue Coletta says:

    Good luck, and happy writing!


  3. Thanks. See you all in a couple of weeks.


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