The beginning

This is the first attempt at having a blog. My photo blog on tumbrl doesn’t count.

My intention with this one is to get more people to know me and, most important of all, my writing journey.

My name is Chris Sarantopoulos and I hail you all from Hellas (Greece for most of you). I’m a geologist with post-graduate studies in Service Management. I lived and studied in Scotland, UK for five years and they were five good years.

On March 2013 I decided I should start writing some of the stories I had in my mind. Of course, like anyone who takes their first baby steps, I too had a lot of help from people. I owe a lot to my mentor Mr Constantine Mountrakis. I consider this new endeavour of mine to be a journey; and I’m enjoying it so far.

Naturally, certain things have been standing in my way. Language barrier is one of them but that is something I can tackle. The lack of knowledge on the art of writing is another. I have been battling with it since.Foolishly enough, I started with a series of books and I have been at it since. The genre is fantasy, the premise is dreams.

My first publication has proven to me that I may have a chance at writing. It came a few days short of a full year since I started. I will keep you posted when the magazine that will honour me gets published.

Until then, thanks for taking the time to ride along with me.

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2 Responses to The beginning

  1. It’s great to meet you Chris. Congratulations on being published. ~ Dennis


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